Dear Reader,

You are an employer, known for building a cooperative, high-performance culture of work in your organisation. You are looking either to start a new, mission-oriented team or to add a value-creating member to an existing team.

I am a bright-mooded, energetic, experienced ultrasonic engineering scientist.

My reputation is of a creative problem solver with a knowledge base extending beyond the core field, into software, electronics, mechanical engineering, materials science, fluid dynamics, project management, leadership, philosophy, and more. I am known for learning quickly, coming up with deep insights and radical innovations. My knowledge of theory is matched by my experience in lab work. I consider my skill to present and explain complex technical issues to people of various technical abilities to be one of my strongest points.

You will find my generic curriculum vitae here. Note that if I contacted you directly, you would get a customised version, instead of this one. However, to appreciate my extensive, 20-year experience, please take a look at my portfolio and professional development timeline.

I would welcome your offer of meeting to discuss further details of the requirements for the position available. I am awaiting your further communications,

Kind Regards,

George Rey


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