George Rey

Speed Dater Profile
Dr George Rey

If you are here, then you probably know what is like to repeat yourself over 9000 times.

Still, if you are serious, You will want to know these basics:

Real person?Yes. Healthy warm body included in the package.
Education level:PhD++; Ultrasonic devices and related technologies, leadership, project management, and more.
Employed?Yes, in high demand. Software team lead.
Motorized?Yes, 2x.
House owner?Yes, 2x. Bristol suburban area.
Dependants?None. Ready to accept some.
Single how long?Several years.
Intentions?Needs a soul mate.
Fav holidays?Mountain views and waterfalls.
Friends?A couple of close friends
and some in nonlocal interest groups incl. a Hackspace
Interests?Physics of sensors, applications of AI, paragliding, and you.
Too good to be true?And yet, I am at this event for a 3rd time now.

Next step?

Text me.


Any photos to jog my memory?

My cybernetic form: flesh embedded in a toy car:


In case of the usual doubt, yes, this is my personal pleasure car. The other one is more practical.

Job offers?

We are always on a lookout for talented, motivated individuals to join our merry team.

See our careers page.

No, I want to hire you, for real.

OK, here are some more details about me: