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George Rey

Also known as: Dr Jerzy Dziewierz

Address, Telephone: Provided in separate correspondence


Personal Profile

I am an energetic, bright-mooded, experienced ultrasonic engineering scientist.

My reputation is of a creative problem solver with a knowledge base extending beyond the core field, into software, electronics, mechanical engineering, materials science, project management, leadership, philosophy, and more.

I am known for learning quickly, coming up with deep insights and radical innovations. My knowledge of theory is matched by my experience in lab work.

I consider my skill to present and explain complex technical issues to people of any technical ability to be one of my strongest sides.


12 years of experience in the development of ultrasonic devices:

  • Thorough understanding of mechanical wave (elastic wave) propagation physics, with a focus on Non-Destructive evaluation (NDE)
  • 2D phased array devices: simulation; design; fabrication and assessment ;
  • Piezoelectric composite material technology development
  • In-probe signal conditioning
  • Post-capture signal processing - imaging, analysis, detection, quantitative characterisation
  • Bespoke CAD tools development
  • See for more details.

Development of real-time signal processing software

  • Finite element analysis; ray-tracing; beamforming and imaging with phased arrays
  • Research into new algorithms
  • Development of applications for the new algorithms
  • Appropriate 2D visualisation of the results

Development of CAD software

  • White box, black box and grey box modelling
  • Advanced optimisation (gradient descent, Monte Carlo, genetic),
    • multicriteria optimisation,
    • Pareto front analysis
  • Bayesian and probabilistic programming

Development of data analysis software

  • Data visualisation

In-depth understanding of mechanics, dynamics and elastic wave propagation.

In-depth understanding of computer architectures, including microcontrollers and their peripherals

Experience in writing research grant proposals

Experience working as a Principal Investigator

Experience in recruitment and selection

Transferable technical skills

  • Expert knowledge in Python/Anaconda, MATLAB, NVidia CUDA, and STM32 series of microcontrollers
    • numpy, pandas, scikit, PyTorch, OPC, SQL - apparently recruiters are told to ask for that!
  • Expert in Solidworks for 3D mechanical design and 2D documentation preparation
  • Expert knowledge in NVidia CUDA for GP-GPU acceleration of compute-intensive algorithms (e.g.. AI, machine learning, signal transform, custom kernels)
  • Expert in Solidworks for 3D mechanical design and 2D documentation preparation
  • Working knowledge in Wolfram Mathematica for symbolic expression manipulation and parametric design and documentation
  • Working knowledge of neural networks, probabilistic programming and differentiable programming for machine learning; parallel computing technologies and algorithm design for parallel processing
  • Working knowledge of analogue signal conditioning and FPGA programming
  • Working knowledge in Python for data engineering and machine learning
  • Working knowledge of SQL for database design, deployment, and utilisation
  • Working knowledge of OPC for sensor networking; this includes a number of older protocols such as
  • Working knowledge of supercomputing techniques for advanced simulations (PZFlex, and self-developed MPI, OpenMP and batch parallel software)
  • Working knowledge of 3D printing, CNC machining, and design for manufacture.
  • Experience in ARM Cortex line of processors and analogue signal path design for embedded signal processing (e.g. STM32F series - includes C, assembler, and peripheral programming)
  • Experience in experimental design, data mining, machine learning, and data interpretation
  • Fundamentals: Integrating input from various measurement and control devices to facilitate experimental control and data acquisition:
    • oscilloscopes; signal generators; impedance analysers, etc.
    • special instruments, e.g. hyperspectral camera
    • position/motion encoders; servo motors, etc.
    • and many other

Transferable social skills

  • Ability to explain and communicate complex topics in science and engineering to a wide range of audiences - tailoring the message to the recipient
  • Remote work culture and organisation - I am an officer at a Toastmasters club
  • Experience in cooperation with external partners; includes Rolls-Royce, AstraZeneca, GlaxoSmithKline, GKN Aerospace, and more
  • Practice in initiative, leadership, and project management
  • Formal training in leadership and people management (ILM Level 3), and project management (PMI CAPM)
  • Experience in procurement of high-value equipment for the lab.
  • Dissemination of research through presentations, lectures, journal and conference papers, industrial technical reports, conferences and workshops


Work experience

  • April 2020: Volunteer coordinator for, in collaboration with a community effort to 3D print face shields for the pandemic response services
  • 2018-2020: Senior Scientist, Ultraleap (formerly Ultrahaptics). Science leadership and mentoring, signal processing, CAD package development, algorithms implementation, device design, reverse engineering, and more. See my portfolio for more details.
  • 2015-2017: Principal investigator, Centre for Ultrasonic Engineering, Leading a team of five, in an authored project A new paradigm for ultrasonic non-destructive inspection method, to develop rapid inspection methods based on the micro-doppler effect. Proposal writing, grant application, recruitment and selection, project management, science leadership, stakeholder communications.
  • 2013-2018: Research Associate, Centre for Ultrasonic Engineering, in a project shared with Centre for Continuous Manufacturing and Crystallisation (CMAC), University of Strathclyde. Collaborative research project to develop sensor interfaces for decision support in continuous chemical processes. Plant-scale data gathering system development, signal processing and machine learning. Mechanical engineering, electronic engineering, software engineering, teamwork, signal processing, machine learning, scientific communications
  • 2010-2013: Research Assistant, Centre for Ultrasonic Engineering, University of Strathclyde. Research project (funded by Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council / Technology Strategy Board ) involving Rolls Royce and Advanced Forming Research Centre to develop 2D ultrasonic phased array probes, related electronic interfaces and signal processing software for application in the testing of aerospace composite components
  • 2007-2010: Fully funded PhD; See the education section for more details.
  • 2005-2006: Assistant to Dean of the Faculty. University of Science and Technology, Krakow. Main Activities include: work on the handbook “Podstawy Automatyki” (“Introduction to automatic control engineering”); link to vol.1, link to vol.2; developing educational project “Inverted Pendulum system with voice coil actuator”; contribution to a demo project “chess-playing robot” local link; maintenance of laboratory equipment
  • 2005 Science Club Member - Science Club “Edison”. Organizing events, including visiting academic and industrial external laboratories, lectures on creativity and modern research techniques.
  • 2004-2006 Engineering Club Member - Science Club “Sensor”. Developing power control and distribution PCB for a shape-memory-alloy walking robot. Representing the university during Krakow Days of Science. Representing the university during international scientific club session in Ostrava, Czech Republic.
  • 2003: IT Consultant, Elpoinformatyka, Tadeusz Kosciuszko Power Plant, Polaniec. Consultant for an organisation-wide e-mail system upgrade.
  • 2000 - 2003: Embedded software developer. Elektromix Radom. Developing master control software for a bottle-making machine. General technology research and consulting.

Other training

  • 2020: Series of remote work culture seminars with Toastmasters
  • 2011: Training in Advanced Zetec UltraVision SDK (ultrasonic data acquisition and signal processing equipment)
  • 2010: Communicate-consultants: a set of interpersonal and managerial short courses. “Communication and influencing skills”, “Assertiveness and Conflict Management”, “Developing Teams”, “Delegating for Success”, “Facilitation Skills”, “Making Meetings work”, “Recruitment and selection”
  • 2009: Royal Academy of Engineering - Leadership Award
  • 2009: Evision Wild training in leadership and initiative
  • 2006: Wojakowscy Memory School. Memory and Focus training
  • 2003: Krakow Academy of fast reading. Fast Reading training

Additional experience

  • 2011, 2013, 2015 and 2017: Lecturing for the RCNDE EngD Ultrasonics Transduction Course, University of Strathclyde: “Piezoelectric composite technology”; “Ultrasonic Array Transducer Design Considerations”. Preparation of lectures and related materials
  • Experience as a Teaching Assistant in the Department of Mechanical Engineering. Lecturing, lab facilitation, undergraduate project supervision. Microcontroller technology and peripherals (timers etc.); analogue electronics (basic circuits including amplifiers)
  • Supervising PhD students, interns, project workers


Personal interests


  • Philosophy, practicalities, Science-Fiction

Popular science

  • Physics, including rocketry, astrophysics and quantum physics
  • Artificial intelligence and its implications
  • Home chemistry



  • Choir artist (tenor)

Public speaking

Travel considerations

  • Willing to travel
  • Willing to relocate
  • Full EU passport (Polish)
  • Holds a business visa to USA and Canada
  • Excellent remote (home) work set-up
    • 52/12 MBit internet
    • modern multi-screen workstation in a dedicated office room
    • Gym, garden, and a serviced meeting room

Salary expectations

Competitive. Willing to accept a low-paid probation period with a salary review afterwards.


Ultraleap, Bristol (

University of Strathclyde, Glasgow: ( , )

Zetec ( )

Timet ( )

Diagnostic Sonar ( )

The Welding Institute ( )

Telephone numbers and email available on request.

Last update: 2020-08-03

Other notes

Processing of ultrasonic signals was a significant theme in my professional life so far. I have invented novel and successful algorithms for ultrasonic imaging during my PhD (2013), then extended them during my follow-up work with Rolls-Royce (2015). More recently, I came up with original algorithms for a research project “DopplerAI” (2016) of my initiative, and a research project “DAITAS” (2017) funded from the aerospace industry (GKN Aerospace). I am proud of these and would be glad to give You a presentation about them.

Early during my PhD training, I have been awarded a Royal Academy of Engineering grant to study leadership and management (2009). Over time, I have obtained the Institute for Leadership and Management Level 3 diploma (2017), as well as the PMI CAPM certification (2013, 2020).