This is a project charter and management plan for this website:

Crystalize a portfolio - Project charter

So far, I never needed to look for a job: the job was looking for me. The world has changed in 2020. Now, I need to put effort into finding a new source of income.

People of my kind normally have a list of publications to demonstrate. Myself, I have done a lot of interesting work and applications, but my ‘scientific publication’ record is poor; I have never placed much attention on that, being content with presenting to groups, and mentoring individuals.

I decide that I could use a portfolio (“wiki”) to announce my abilities to future employers.


High-level requirements

Measurable objectives and success criteria

Project exit criteria

What are the conditions to be met in order to close or to cancel the project or phase:

What constitutes success

Requirements and Scope

Out of scope

These ideas I leave for later:


Risks and mitigations

I might die.

A fantastic job might find me before I am ready to use the result of this project to find one.

My computer might die

Human error destroys the progress


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