Mobile robot control toolbox for MATLAB and Simulink

Code name: Moroteco

Abstract: Given a ceiling-suspended look-down webcam, and 4x two-wheel robots, , write a program to control their position in a camera’s field of view. That is, write a set of programs that will control the motors of the robot to move towards the desired point in the camera’s FOV.

Challenge: The robots have a mostly dumb microcontroller with a radio module, communicating through a telnet-like interface with a radio module to a PC, running Simulink. Write:

Notable result: Project success: on scope, on budget, on time. The work contains a nice treatment of the problem of computing the precise velocity of the vehicle while at the low-limit of the optical encoder (that is, what happens if the optical encoder resolution is poor). This is because originally, the mobile robots that I have been given to work with, had 2-inch wheels, and an encoder with 2 impulses per rotation (!!!) and I was told to control the position of a group of these in a working area of approx. 3x3 meters (!!!).

Fortunatelly, after my report, the project supervisor asked the technican to deliver better robots, and in the end, the project was very successfull.

Awaiting more details: as of 2020-07, I have indeed found the original files and documentation of the work. I am planning to publish it here.